How to Use the Hart App

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How to Use the Hart App


Things to Know!

1) You will be asked to upload a photo from your phone’s camera file.  If you have created something artistic you have a photo of, that is something to post.  NO FACE PICTURES ALLOWED!  If you post a face photo or anything inappropriate, it will be removed (Provocative photos are allowed, just no outright nudity).  A photo of you from a distance, like you on a skateboard or in a boat is fine as long as your face is not the prominent image.

2) The 100% FREE Artist Level posts to the public gallery for three days.  That is plenty of time to collect critiques and make connections.  After three days, to change your post simply click on your canvas and you will be prompted to change it.  The Five Word addition is to catch the attention of other users and to give you even more opportunity to express yourself!

3) If you “like” a post in the Public Gallery, swipe right and a keyboard will prompt you to write and send the artist a critique.  There is a 20 word minimum because as a creative we believe you can say something of substance and articulate actual thoughts. E X A M P L E:  “I choose to thrive, not just survive.  I see a part of you through this and want to know more.”

4) To see the profile of somebody who has sent you a critique, swipe right to approve the critique, then click on their name to view their profile.  Be sure to fill out your own profile!  Choose up to eight questions that best capture your personality to show on your profile.  To change or update, simply click Edit Profile.

5) After you have made a connection, face photos can be exchanged via private messaging.

6) If you want to change your canvas submission sooner than three days, tap Edit Profile, then tap on one of the blank canvases to see your options to upgrade, which includes changing your submission to the public gallery at any time 24/7.  Also, you will receive more canvases to fill with your art, plus 5 words that show on your profile and can be changed at any time.

7) Enjoy the connection.

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