An Artist’s Case

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An Artist’s Case

An Artist’s Case

The Way It Is

1.Obsessive  2.Particular  3.Reclusive  4.Emotional  5.Strong-Willed

  • My craft is my life.
  • Comic Sans. Just don’t.
  • It’s not green. It’s chartreuse.
  • Yes, I need five minutes to choose the right Instagram filter before posting.
  • My sketchbook is not for your eyes. Imagine me walking in on you examining your love handles/chest hair.
  • Yes, I’m good with my hands.
  • You know how most people collect coins or t-shirts? That’s me and pens.
  • My ideal perfect date is an hour by myself and my pottery wheel.
  • My appearance is an extension of my art. Deal with it.
  • Bob Ross is not my hero.



Why Bother

1.Stories  2.Passion  3.Dreamer  4.Resourceful  5.Craving

  • The world should be seen barefoot.
  • Every day is an adventure.
  • Listening is one of my greatest skills.
  • Being a creative means I give great gifts.
  • I always have fresh ideas for a date night.
  • My free spirit means you can take me anywhere.
  • I have high expectations for myself.
  • I ask questions because I care.
  • I thrive off of intelligent conversation and passionate touch.
  • Messes make me feel at home.
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